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January 01, 2008



Your Resolutions sound good Nancy but "emails" are quite OK for keeping im touch:).

Dana Ann

Wow, I can come up with a couple and 10 is a lot! I love your list though. Let me think....

1. Go on a walk every day after dinner or after lunch even if its not very far.
2. Join OA. Lose weight.
3. Take the kids to work out with me to the Y 3 times a week.
4. Get my photos out of envelopes and into photo boxes to organize by month so I can eventually scrapbook them.
5. I do like your volunteer more so I'm going to try to do that more too.
6. Visit with friends more.
7. Try to spend less this year.
8. Try not to chicken out of getting my yearly mamo.
9. Get my sewing/MK office organized.
10.Paint my kitchen.


Not sure I have 10 "resolutions" but I have set some goals....

1. more hills (mountains??)- increase our outdoor activities

2. a big trip this summer...I would like to go with Brent & hook up with you & Mike & Katy in Kenya, and maybe talk Daphne into coming over for a leg of it...which leads me to.....

3. stay on budget (so I can afford the above :)

4. make the time to stay in touch and visit with family & friends...

5. support Brent while he moves forward with the custody process

....I'll let you know if I add any others....


Great goals/resolutions you guys! I know how cliche putting out resolutions are at New Years but ... it's as good a time as any to think about the your life and focus on what you want to sharpen or change.
Good luck!

Dana - what is OA Lose Weight???
Love N

Dana Ann

oh its overeaters anonymous, they have online meetings, and group meetings too. I think I will try the online stuff first. I'm not too sure about it but thought I'd give it a try.

Sarah B

I actually love the coming of January every year. I feel it is a good time to clean house, reflect on the past year, what worked, what didn't what I could do better and what I did really today the kids and I sat down and I explained to them the concept of making New Year's Resolutions. I told them they had to think of 10 things they wanted to do better, differently or something brand new in the next year. This is what we came up with:

1. Practice piano more to become a better player
2. To sit still in class
3. To raise my hand to speak in class
4. To read more
5. To speak more kindly to my family members
6. To write more songs
7. To do more scrapbooking
8. To my room cleaner
9. To make more new friends
10. To not play on the computer and DS as much

1. Would like to try snowboarding and skiing
2. Would like to learn to play the guitar
3. make more new friends
4. To start reading chapter books
5. To speak more kindly to my family members
6. to practice my basketball shots
7. To be better at soccer
8, To collect more whales and ride my bike more
9. To do more cleaning
10. To cheer on the Oilers more and learn to tie my shoelaces

1. To learn to play guitar
2. To learn how to swim

1. To play more with my children
2. To exercise on a more regular basis
3. To read more
4. To be more organized
5. To write more letters and make more cards
6. To spend less and save more for our next trip to Disneyland and a "Safety Net"
7. To do more scrapbooking
8. To get a babysitter and go out with Todd once a month
9. To enjoy day to day life a little more
10. To journal once a day and journal my one change a month.

Update on resolutions: Todd and i went on a date tonight for dinner to a new greek restaurant and to see the movie "I am Legend" (to scary for me). Will Smith deserves and award for this movie.....


Sarah - that is so great! I love that you got all the kids involved and they all made resolutions. The kids have such great resolutions!! You must be so proud of them!
Love N


Sarah - love what you did with the kids....however....I sense a mother's influence in John & Hannah's...."speak more kindly to my family members".....too sweet :}

love sand

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