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August 21, 2007



I think Langley or Surrey is much more central to those who live in the lower mainland. Are there any large parks there that would have the amenities we need?


What about Cultis Lake park. covered area, BBQ, park, bathrooms, close parking, lake, swimming. lots of family close to stay with or hotels near??????


Kilby beach in mission??

What do you all think??


What about the date?
Yes - there are parks closer - I was only looking at a page that listed the provincial parks

- N -


Cultus Lake sounds great. Seems to have everything needed for large groups...haven't been there in many years. Don't know Kilby beach as I have never been there. Will check it out now on the computer. Good suggestions JT.

jen sullivan

I think Kilby beach is too small and not enough grass , not wheel chair accessable and not much to do , cultis sounds better, can't really remember it , is there open spots to play games and stuff? isis wheel chair accessaable?it's been a long time since I've been there, and can you actually reserve the picinic area, I know in the langley area there are parks that you can actually reserfe so no one else can come and us specific areas I think we need someplace like that.:You probably can somewhere on the lake I would imagine.

I know there is a lake in Abbotsford somewhere, Sarah and Todd have been there before maybe she can remember the name and let us know if she thinks it would may work or not,

I think the day is good doesn't really matter what day is, If you give everyone enough notice they will be able to attend if they want to .

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