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January 17, 2008



Ishmael is queued up (after "The Reluctant Mr. Darwin" - a fascinating read) and "There Will Be Blood" is lined up for the weekend (unless we can find the elusive "The Savages")... we are still Wii-less however.... and what is with the Green Bay Packers....suddenly I am hearing about them s

jennifer sullivan

I'm half way through Ishmael and it is an interesting book, many thoughts have come from it !!!
I'm looking forward to what will happen int the back half.
I will volunteer my services for the invitations and mailing them out , Hey SArah I will need a little help with this, you up for it??!!!!!
Nancy I liked when you were on holidays as Monday to thursday I have the daycare going so it is my little sanity saver to log on and check out your blog and you were updating every day it was great, I loved the pictures of the eagles Livy thought it was amazing , and I have to tell you , you gave me another laugh out loud experience while reading about you snow escapades!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah B.

Well I guess Jen has publicly volunteered for the can I say no. Not a problem. As far as activities...what kind do you think we need??? I would like to volunteer to be in charge of a family cookbook. Todd's family did this at a family reunion and it was kind of neat. I would have to e-mail or call all of the family members (I would have to get that list from you Nanc) and get their favourite top 3 recipes from them and compile a family favourite collection!!! A little souvenier from the day.

I have just started Ishmael I am a few chapters in and very intrigued. In fact, Todd just asked me if I was going to watch ER and I said no!!! I am going to read (you have to know that is pretty big for me). All part of the life overhaul!!!

Looking forward to Sunday at 3:30 Favre Forever!!!!! Thanks for the good pics

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