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February 05, 2008



Ten things I should be doing....probably watching tv...ha ha ha....I don't have cable and spend so much time working (my marking) and doing CityU work that I feel like I never have time relax...but 10 "I shoulds," that's easy:
1. organize my sewing/craft room
2. purge/organize my files (usually a Jan job)
3. well, organize/purge/deep clean every room in my house
4. phone the people I feel I have been neglecting
5. go to yoga regularly
6. go to the physiotherapist about my back
7. stop eating chocolate while fooling around on the computer
8. plan my summer holidays (I promised myself that not another summer would go by without my going away)
9. make a giant "to do" list of all the things I want to> learn Italian...etc
10. stop playing arachnid all the time - it is my biggest time suck!!!

N, as for movies....Juno is quite fabulous - hard not to like - the sound track is pretty funky too....Charlie Wilson's War was very watchable and the cast is great....Philip Seymour Hoffman is, as always, wonderful.....Atonement was ok...not quite up to the hype I thought....and let me know about the last one...I don't know anything about it...I am still trying to get to Savages...remember the trailer for that??? Anyway, gotta go play Archnid before I need to start marking...sigh......s

jennifer sullivan

O.K. I guess what I'm gonna need is a master list of all the family that an invitation will be sent out to , does anyone have a list of all the family , and then yes if everyone can send me any mailing address they have for people that would be great and I will source out the rest through internet and such. My e-mail is
later jen


Hey Jen - I will check and see what I have left from Grandma & Grandpa's 50th....I should have names and addresses....although, actually - N - wasn't it you who mailed out the invites??? In that case, Nanc would have the list & the meantime, I will see what I have......sand

Sarah B

For the recipe part of it; once the list of invites is compiled I will start trying to contact everyone I can via e-mail and letter mail if they do not have e-mail. We will go from there. I would hope to have all of the recipes in to me by the beginning of May so we should probably get started on the invite list pretty quick. Also, people will be in full swing of making their summer plans right now. How are you approaching the cost of everything??

Sarah B

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