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July 15, 2009


Jessica Thomson

I am a big fan and as a big fan I have to correct you. This is not the last book. There are seven books in total and the last book is:
"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"



Yes Ben is finally hooked. Last summer I started to read him the 1st chapter of the first book. He was 10 then and he told me he didn't want to start reading them until he was 12, but after the 1st chapter he asked if I was reading the Harry Potter book and he grabbed it and off he went. Now he just told me a day or two ago he can't see the new movie because he hasn't read the 6th book and I said well I saw it on your sisters shelf and he has been reading it like mad so he can go see the movie !

So how was the movie ???

David Dawes

BTW - there is one more book, but there will be 2 more movies! They decided that they would be better off splitting the last book into 2 movies. Of course, it's because there's just so much in the last book, not because they want to stretch the franchise out a little further...

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